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Many companies do not require the figure of a full time DBA in their company, either by volume or by costs they need to delegate the management of their database environment to the systems teams or developments with little expertise in the casings of the database engines. In other cases, where there is DBAs, the large volume of work and projects in which they are located, it makes it difficult to reconcile the support work with the milestones and times demanded by the projects.

In all these cases having a trustworthy partner for the administration, or for a third level of support of their environments, is an enormous comfort to the teams and an advantage for the companies, that can count on the experience and the knowledge of external DBAs Who know similar problems in other clients, and are a very helpful alliance to grow and improve their IT environments.

From GPS we put to your service a team of DBAs with experience of years and with a high level of commitment, with whom you will be able to count to take your environments or to share tasks of tuning or migrations due to lack of window, experience or fear of possible problems.

Remote DBA will allow you to plan and perform how many operations you need, with the support and experience of an experienced DBA team for these tasks.

Advantages of the Remote DBA Service

Fast and qualified response: By phone or email, a channel available to your technicians that allows the report of queries or incidents quickly.

Specialized advice:
Migration projects, tuning, high availability. DBA Remote offers you continuous support from the design of solutions to your implementation. The service is intended to plan and execute the necessary actions for a better use of its database platform.

Cost reduction: Under a monthly quota services formula you can control the costs dedicated to the maintenance of your databases.

A single level of technical attention: All calls will be answered by an assigned DBA, to better monitor the actions and incidents on their databases.

Reports: A regular reporting system with details of the interventions and the status of the databases we serve.

Integral and customizable solution: The service can be defined according to the agreed commitments and SLAs, both to cover the daily tasks of the administration, as well as support against incidents in their production / transit / development environments.

Guard Service: The service may include, in addition to the evolutionary maintenance of the platform and the works associated with its administration, guard services from 8 × 5, night and 7 × 24 models.

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