GPS Open Source is a company born in 2010 with a clear vocation of service oriented to offer specialized consulting in systems and database environments, as well as services based on software and Open Source solutions.

GPS is not intended to be an IT provider for all types of projects, that is not our intention or our differential value. Our stake is specialization and commitment, so that our customers will see us as a partner of absolute confidence to tackle projects in areas where we feel strong in experience and knowledge. In GPS the world of database and systems environments linked to Open Source philosophy are our natural habitat. In this type of environments and projects it is where its technical managers and managers have developed their experience.

The concept of Remote DBA pretends to be a service model oriented to cover an important need in the companies, to have a Senior DBA for the management of its database platform, or simply to be a trustworthy support to tackle specific projects, consultancy, Tuning, Pre-migration tests, or simply absorb work spikes at a competitive price.

In recent years, GPS has begun to settle in important national customers, growing in business volume and building a structure capable of continuing to grow, both in business and responsibility and in the quality of services.

As evidence of this commitment to quality, in 2015 GPS OPEN SOURCE systematically disseminates and promotes the Policy and Quality Objectives within the ISO 9001 standard, implemented and maintained at all levels of your organization.

Our goal is to earn your trust continuously, guaranteeing success in your technological projects, and participating in the management of your IT as a trusted partner.

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