In GPS We know the importance of having An optimized database environment, and we know the difficulty and efforts that sometimes assume its administration and security. The demand for deep knowledge and the times of dedication that it requires cannot always be offered from the resources of the Department of Systems, which already absorbs the burden of day-to-day and the projects of the technological area.

For Many companies it is very expensive to maintain or dedicate to specific tasks or projects the figure of a DBA dedicated to these milestones, that allows them to have an agile and quick response to the critical business services that run under this platform of Database.

In GPS Open Source We have an important background in projects of implantation, migration, tuned on Oracle environments, MySQL, PostgreSql, SQL Server… etc., on any Unix/Linux or Wintel platform. Our consulting services undergo database audits and rush plans to improve performance, planning and execution of migrations, High Availability facilities, Cluster, RAC, outsourcing services for profiles DBA, support and maintenance contracts for the database platform…, etc.

Oracle Consulting and Tuning Jobs

The work would be aimed at issuing a first report of recommendations for the best use of the resources allocated to its Oracledatabase environment, and according to the manufacturer’s specifications and recommendations.

The study would be conducted by specialized consultants and certified DBAs who would develop a set of recommendations and rush plans to improve the performance, scalability and availability of their environments.

  1. Patch Review.
  2. Backup Management Report Tools used, copies maintained, etc.
  3. Revision of the Storage model used (file-system, RAW, ASM).
  4. Individualized Review of Oracle instances.
  5. Feasibility Study to contemplate the implantation of high availability in Oracle (RAC, Dataguard, etc).
  6. Study and analysis of configuration of each of the instances and data taking of current utilization.
  7. Configuration of automatic collection of statistics of the system and of the database in the moments of maximum load and for several consecutive days.
  8. Study of the maximum thresholds reached during this data collection to adjust the database to them.
  9. Review Current parameters and report recommendations to improve performance.
  10. Study of the different memory structures.
  11. Study of access to discs.
  12. Revision of the most common waitings of the database and report of possible recommendations oriented to its optimization.
  13. Obtaining the heaviest Querys for later review.

The Service is aimed at obtaining a recommendations report for the best use of the resources allocated to your database environment, and according to the specifications and recommendations of the Oraclemanufacturer. Together with the report, a document of possible improvements aimed at optimizing performance, safety, availability and contingency, or the use of resources under study will be proposed, if necessary.