Performance y Tuning Sybase

Performance Consulting services are designed to help with optimizing your database performance, data throughput, or configuration of the solution architecture.

The scenarios to which they are focused are:

  1. Experimentation of loss of performance or bottlenecks of the current solution.
  2. Validation of the current environment against future workloads.
  3. Planning for scalability versus the growth of current architecture.
  4. Design new solutions.

The process of tuning Sybase consists of:

  • Analyze performance issues in the current environment
  • Determine the current problem.
  • Review of architecture and utilization of it.
  • Locate and analyze performance issues in architecture, queries, etc.
  • Develop a report on the causes of loss of performance and possible solutions.
  • Provide good practice recommendations so that they do not occur again.

The usual tuning tasks are:

  • Revision of the configured engines.
  • Optimization of the physical site of the data.
  • Database design. Review of indexes, locks, etc.
  • Memory utilization.
  • Optimization of expensive queries. Parallelization of Queries.
  • Statistics collection.
  • Using System packages to view database performance

Other works with Sybase caters to replication Server performance, evaluations and pilots for architecture migrations or upgrade versions.

The service or study is directed to obtain a report of recommendations for the better use of the resources allocated to its database environment, and according to the specifications and recommendations of the manufacturer Sybase. Together with the report, a document of possible improvements aimed at optimizing performance, safety, availability and contingency, or the use of resources under study will be proposed, if necessary.