If your company needs support for maintaining its Oracle AND SQL ServerEnvironment, or does not have a specialized staff to resolve incidents in a critical environment:

  • Maintenance Tasks
  • Backup and Recovery
  • Security
  • Study of migrations…

In Short, a service under a monthly payment formula that allows you to know and control the costs for the maintenance of your systems and databases. The monthly fee is calculated according to the characteristics of your platform and the conditions of the service.

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Basic Remote DBA Service

Enterprise-Oriented with an Oracle or SQL Server environment that does not require a dedicated DBA in the company by volume, criticality or workload. Companies that do not have a senior DBA for the management of their databases and want a qualified support for specific incidents.

Servicios de SoporteBasicMediumTotal DBA
Tiempos de respuesta24hen el día2h
Teléfono de incidenciasno incluido8×58×5
Mantenimiento:users,backup…no incluidoincluidoincluido
Peticiones comunesno incluidoincluido incluido
Soporte emaililimitadoilimitadoilimitado
Apoyo consultoríano incluidoincluidoincluido
Apoyo consultoríano incluidono incluido8h
Guardia tercer Nivel 24×7no incluidono incluidono incluido
Informe Mensualincluidoincluidoincluido
Acceso remotoincluidoincluidoincluido
Descuento consultoría5%10%15%
Soporte a desarrollo (SQL Server)no incluidono incluidono incluido

Medium and Total DBA remote Services

Service for companies that require Specialized Oracle AND SQL Server support for Their DBAs team, which due to the workload, or qualification of technicians need third-level external support to address new projects or manage The incidents of your platform. The Remote DBA service is Also intended for companies that wish to delegate/outsource the maintenance of their platform and database projects.

Our Team will assign a senior DBA for the administration tasks, forming part of its systems team, consulting, analysis, support and management of the incidents according to the committed SLAs. In This modality we can meet the critical requirements, be their database department, Interact with ORACLE Or SQL Server, provide architecture solutions and offer points of view that will help them to make decisions.

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